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I'll be your mirror

Stefan Marx and Dutch artists of the 17th century
The connection between Stefan Marx and Dutch artists of the 17th century
obvious at first. Yet there are more similarities
than one might think.
The typefaces and drawings of Stefan Marx are fragments of his
fragments of his observations of society and leave their
and leave their viewers free to interpret and contextualise them.
They are poetic, humorous, but also critical and thought-provoking.
and thought-provoking. He draws his creative inspiration from
spontaneous, daily observations, when he is on the road, in the
café or on the train. He captures the impressions he gains in quick and
sketches, as well as notes and quotes from songs or everyday conversations.
and quotations from songs or everyday conversations, which he casually
conversations. The multi-layered and profound linguistic images manage to
and universality, the multi-layered and profound linguistic images
new perspectives in the discussion of Dutch genre scenes and
genre scenes and thus make the old masters speak.
masters to speak. With his works, Stefan Marx
works react directly to the genre scenes of the 17th century and
comments on the depictions. This pointed juxtaposition suddenly creates an
suddenly creates an exciting interaction
and one realises not only the unbroken topicality of the Old
of the Old Masters. Rather, the artist's book opens up new perspectives
and sharpens the senses for details. It not only brings the paintings of the
paintings of the Old Masters come to life, but at the same time it
a stimulating dialogue with the present.
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