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ARTIST´S BOOKS. The Collection | Dec 1st 2017 - Apr 2nd 2018 | presentation of the collection
catalogue for presentation of the collection | 166 pages | c. 120 illustrations | hardcover | german-english edition

With the exhibition "Artist's books" the Hamburger Kunsthalle presents for the first time a choice of the best known publications and photo books from its own collection. In addition to the publications from Joseph Beuys and John Cage up to Dieter Roth, Wolf Vostell or young artists like Yto Barrada, the works from the collection of the Galerie der Gegenwart, which stand in a direct connection with the publications, are shown. Among them are, above all, works of the draught art by Sol LeWitt, Ed Ruscha, Lawrence Weiner and Richard Long.
In the 1960s the space of the book was sprinkled by the inclusion of all media, partly with actions, happenings, public participation and the use of everyday materials. The artists used various mediums to create the form and content of their book objects: writing, drawing, notation for music, stamp pressure, photocopy, painting, collage and mechanical printing. The publications connect poetry and documentation, they are manifestoes, sketch books, multiple or political proclamations and become thus an experimental field which breaks with traditional frequencies of publication.
During the last years, especially young artists have rediscovered the artist's book. The new development appears on international forums like the legendary fair in New York. Here, the artist's record also comes to the fore as a medium again. Hence, under the headword "Vinyl", LPs and record covers formed by artists from the collection are also presented.